Jen has been following my work on LinkedIn and she just got her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification.  She was ready for new headshots!  She wanted a fresh, modern look – the company that she works for is based in California and has a modern outdoor-sy feel.  So we took Jen’s headshots outdoors and had a fantastic and fun session!  I can’t wait to do more outdoor headshots…

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I had a fantastic corporate headshot session with Blue Spruce Capital in downtown Houston last week!  I set up my equipment in the conference room and worked with one individual at a time.  {This works really well, by the way.}  Once one person is finished with their headshot, they find the next person and so on.  I had a different conversation with each person and we made it simple and painless!  Now, the website can  be updated with beautiful professional headshots of each person in the office.  Potential clients will be able to put a human with the corporation – it makes a huge difference!  People search websites for pictures and content.  Be sure that they only see the best when they find your website!

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My daughter is growing up before my eyes. She’s 11, going on 17. Before she has a chance to second-guess herself and compare every detail of herself to someone else, I want to show her how beautiful she is. Not according to society’s standards but the real, true beauty that comes from within. I want her to know that she can conquer the world if she wants to. I want her to make genuine connections with her people – to love and honor them for who they are. I want her to know that her value and worth lie simply in who she is. Navigating the waters of the tween world is not easy. Let’s remind them to see the beauty. See the joy. See the connection.

Riley is five!!  I have photographed this beautiful family for several years and we always capture the family in the Fall and then Riley’s birthday.  Mom has these fantastic outfits ordered with Riley’s favorite character, complete with bow, pants, and skirt…I love it!  I adore the ruffled pants this year!  And we got some great shots with her baby brothers.  I’m so glad that we could make Riley’s fifth birthday so special with a photo session for her.  Thank you sweet girl!

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Meet Dr. Stephen Glass of Advanced Dentistry of Spring.  I met Dr. Glass several years ago on another assignment for LIVING Magazine.  It was great to have the opportunity to photograph him again.  It’s always  nice to see familiar faces and spaces.  I learned that there is such as thing as sound-reducing panels.  In the exam rooms, Advanced Dentistry has installed these panels made with fabric and lots of sound-absorbing material.  Dr. Glass says the panels have greatly reduced the noise in the office, especially when all of the doctors are there working at the same time.

Visit Dr. Glass for your next dental appointment.

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