Giving Back


Giving Back

Part of being community together means helping each other and giving back.  Tara has partnered with several local and national organizations to give back to her community.

Northwest Assistance Ministries

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) of Northwest Assistance Ministries in Spring, TX provides housing, education, and support for families with children who do not have a place to live.  Tara Flannery Photography provides custom family portraits for these families who would otherwise not be able to afford custom photography.  I am honored to get to know these families and be a part of their lives and the memory of the most important thing: love of family.  One of the families in the IHN program has a fantastic success story and I’m so glad that I kept in touch with Mom.  She wrote a book about her story and wants to help other women in the community in the same situation.  I’m honored to promote her story of struggle, growth, and ultimate success!

Breast Cancer Charities of America

The Breast Cancer Charities of America provides support for breast cancer patients in a variety of ways.  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in college.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The check-up took too long and my parents didn’t return from this doctor visit for hours.  They were trying to process the news before coming home to tell me.  Through treatment and recovery, my mom was strong and the treatment was successful.  By photographing the various events of The Breast Cancer Charities of America, I hope to help this organizing support women and their families facing this same diagnosis.

Magic Hour Foundation

The Magic Hour Foundation is an organization that provides family portraits for families facing cancer.  I had the opportunity to meet a young man who battled cancer and survived.  My favorite image of him is the one where he is jumping off of the play structure!  He is a boy who has beat cancer and come out on the other side just as vibrant and energetic as ever.  A beautiful story.

Tara is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Guild of HoustonTexas Professional Photographer’s AssociationProfessional Photographers of America (PPA), and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).

Tara Flannery Photography serves Houston, The Woodlands and Conroe.  Tara Flannery Photography specializes in family photography.  I love to photograph families.  I love to start with the more formal portraits with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  And then the best part is when everyone just lets loose and has fun together!  Those make some of the best family portraits!  I can’t wait to capture your family.

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