Tween Portraits


When our children are in those in-between years (around ages 9-12), we sometimes forget to photograph them!  Yikes!  It’s easy to remember the squishy newborn photos, the barely-walking toddlers snaps, the first day of kindergarten poses, and the first soccer team photos.  But then life gets busy and we forget that our tween should be photographed too!  It is in these precious years that our children’s confidence and place in the world is being formed.  Girls, especially, start to compare themselves to others and make judgments about themselves.  We say to our children that they are beautiful and smart and capable.  I believe, though, that a photograph can change your child’s image of themselves for the better.  A photograph can give them the confidence to be themselves and to love themselves just as they are.  This frees them to love others just as they are.

My daughter is growing up before my eyes. She’s 11, going on 17. Before she has a chance to second-guess herself and compare every detail of herself to someone else, I want to show her how beautiful she is. Beauty, not according to society’s standards but the real, true beauty that comes from within. She should know that she can conquer the world if she wants to. I want her to make genuine connections with her people – to love and honor them for who they are.  Her value and worth lie simply in who she is. Navigating the waters of the tween world is not easy. Let’s remind them to see the beauty. See the joy. See the connection.

Tween Welcome Magazine

I would love to photograph your tween.  It will be a light-hearted and fun session.  Your tween should bring props, music, and friends so that we can have a great time capturing gorgeous photos!  Contact me and I will send you the Tween Welcome Magazine that has lots of great information on what to wear, location, props, pricing, and products.  I can’t wait to meet your tween!

Houston Tween Photographerhouston tween photographer

Check out the video below to see more images and videos from a tween portrait session.  I can’t wait to photograph your tween!

Tara Flannery is a Houston portrait photographer based in The Woodlands and Conroe.  Tara Flannery Photography specializes in tween portraiture.  Tara is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Guild of HoustonTexas Professional Photographer’s AssociationProfessional Photographers of America (PPA), and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). Contact me to schedule your tween session!

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