What to Wear for Family Portraits

What to Wear

What do I wear for my upcoming photo session?  Here are some clothing guidelines and basic tips for preparing for your family photo session:

What to wear for family portraits

Any color is fine.  Choose 2 or 3 colors that will coordinate well together.

All members of the group do not need to match in color but definitely should coordinate (see below on “how to choose the outfits”).

It’s also a good idea for everyone to be in the same color tone (i.e. all light, all medium, or all dark) so that one person doesn’t stick out from the group.

In the end, choose a color that is flattering and fits your skin tone.  You know best what colors look good on you!

what to wear clothing guidelines

Plaids and stripes are okay for one or two people.  Avoid logos and bold patterns if possible.  Solid colors are great!

Stick to one style such as formal (suits, dresses, etc.), casual (jeans, shorts, t-shirts) or fashionable (dressy top with jeans and heels).  Also keep in mind that bare skin tends to distract.  So covering the arms and legs is best.  We want people to see you when they look at the photos!

clothing guidelines for family portraits

Start with one person’s outfit.  This first person should be the one with the fewest clothing choices.  Either choose an outfit this person already has or purchase a new one.  Based on this first outfit, build the other family members’ outfits accordingly.  Remember that everyone doesn’t have to be in the same exact color but complement each other.  Tops and bottoms should be different colors so that the whole family isn’t one sea of the same color.

what to wear clothing guidelines family photos
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